How 3D TV Fits In A Home Theater


The world has been advancing technologically since before most of us were born but it may seem like the concept of advancing technology is a recent thing. The reason for this seems to be the rate of progress. We are scarcely digesting the magic of big-screen high-definition TV and all of a sudden the next big thing is arriving. For fans of technological wizardry, the big talking point in the middle of 2010 is the magic of 3D TV. It may seem like a kitschy throwback to the 3D technology of the 80s, but the technology is now so advanced that it is a world apart.

Many people are a little circumspect about paying for a 3D TV for a very good reason. At the present time, spending all the money it takes to get the most advanced technology is like paying for a statue of yourself – you’ve shown you have a lot of disposable income, but there is nothing to appreciate that you haven’t seen more than a few times already. Most TV shows and films are not made for the purposes of 3D viewing, so once you’ve watched the promotional DVD that came with the television itself, there are limits to its use.

This is of course set to change. One thing that the past few years have shown us is that the creative side of an industry develops to meet the technology available. Some movies are already being made in 3D and TV companies are launching dedicated 3D channels. Sports are now being broadcast using the technology, too, and although it’s not just like being at the game, it does add something to the experience.

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