Selecting the Proper Television for your Home Theater


While there are many components that make up the average home theater system most people often overlook the importance of their televisions to the overall video and movie-watching experience. As with all things in life, bigger, when it comes to televisions for your home theater, it is not always better. There are many things that must be considered when selecting the best possible television for your home theater and size is only one of many.

Mass retailers show televisions in a manner that suits their purpose, which is a sale. This doesn’t mean that their methods for displaying their televisions paints those sets in a proper light for your home viewing experience. Not so long ago, a 20-inch viewing window for your television was considered huge. It was a luxury saved for those who were extremely wealthy. The truth of the matter is that if you do not sit a proper distance from your television the quality of the picture will look horrible if your set is too large.

There are good rules of thumb to consider when purchasing a television set for your room, at least where size is concerned. The rule is that you will want no more than 4″ of diagonal screen inches on your television for every foot away from the set you will be when watching cable television. The rule goes up to 5 inches per foot for satellite television or DVDs, and 6 inches per foot if you are viewing high definition television.

Of course, with every rule there are exceptions. For this rule, general exceptions would be two-story great rooms or cathedral ceilings that might actually call for a larger television and basements or dropped ceilings that might actually be better suited for smaller televisions. You really must consider all of these things when selecting the television that will best suit your needs when it comes to your home theater and your theater set up.

Of course, there is more than size to consider when it comes to the television you ultimately choose for your home theater and taste as well as space will each play important roles in the television you should choose. One important consideration is price. When you walk into the store and see all the wonderful new televisions that promise endless hours of movie watching bliss at a very hefty price tag to match. You need to be able to weed through without getting distracted by the latest and greatest of bells and whistles in order to find the set that will meet all of your movie watching needs and fall within your budget.

For this particular trip, I recommend walking in with money in hand (the limit you have set) and that you leave the credit card at home. You should also carefully consider whether or not you will want an extended warranty as that will raise the base price of your television and isn’t reflected in the ‘sticker’ price. If you bring your credit card you will be tempted to overspend rather than sticking with your original budget.

Other than price you really need to carefully consider the type of television you’d like to have for your home theater. Keep in mind that you can buy larger versions of older technology for the same price you’d pay for smaller screen sizes when it comes to LCD televisions. You should also consider the size of the television you really need for this portion too. Most of us do not sit more than 12 feet from our televisions, which means you may not need quite as much television as you may have previously thought you would need. The most important thing when choosing a television is to remember that this is an investment that most of us do not make terribly often. For that reason, you should expect to drop a considerable chunk of change on this particular investment in your home theater system.

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