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    Pain Management Tips

    Is Your Diet behind Your Pain?

    There is an epidemic that is circulating the globe and it is one that seems to be taking all of us by surprise. I’m talking about the epidemic of obesity and regardless of whether you are experiencing it yourself or not, you no doubt have felt the effect that a poor diet is bringing to […]

    Joint Pain and Arthritis

    Common Causes of Joint Pain

    It has been estimated that more than 40 million Americans have joint pain, also called arthralgia, of one kind or another. Joint pain occurs where two bones meet. The most common areas of joint pain are the knees, ankles, wrists, and knuckles, although it can occur at any joint. While there are common causes of […]

    Foods That Can Help Arthritis Sufferers

    Do you suffer from arthritis? If so, over-the-counter pain medication may become a common fixture in your life. Unfortunately, some individuals are susceptible to addiction and there are health complications due to over-consumption. So, what should you do? Consider more natural ways to seek relief. In fact, start in your kitchen. Although there are no […]