Making Your Company A Computer Recycling Business


Recycling of any kind began as a grassroots effort in the country. People in their ordinary, everyday lives decided it was time to make a difference in the environment and in the land around them. As a result, there have been changes that documented the world over directly related to the global efforts of common people. Of course, we have business, both large and small, that have gotten in on the action as well. It’s not unusual for companies to have recycling bins, especially paper ones, in strategic places around the office. However, not every company has gotten on board with the business of computer recycling. Many are afraid of sensitive information being leaked or other security issues. Even with that said the recycling movement and the environment really need computers and electronic equipment to be disposed of in the right way. Here are a few tips to encourage computer recycling in your business life.

Especially in large corporations or those with multiple locations, computers are changed out on a regular basis. In order to stay competitive, it’s essential to have the best possible systems in place. Everyone understands this, but dishonest computer recycling businesses have been known to find sensitive information and sell it to competitors. This is one of the reasons why the powers that be in your company are resisting your computer recycling efforts. Therefore, it’s your job to check out the computer recycling centers in your area and find out the fine details. There are federal laws in place to protect the interests of anyone who donates a computer for recycling. Approach your supervisor or higher up with clear, indisputable proof of the safety of the recycling centers policies. It certainly can’t hurt.

Another bit of information that could get the computer recycling business in your office settled for once and all is to explain about the tax breaks that recycling brings. Most companies are already aware that the basic recycling things like paper and plastics come with tax incentives for companies, but those in charge might not realize that there are financial benefits for recycling computers as well. Once again, do your homework and be sure you have all of your facts straight before you broach your computer recycling idea. Some state and local communities also offer worthwhile incentives to businesses that work to keep toxins like those found in computers out of landfills.

When all else fails or just as the icing on the cake, be sure to mention that customers love a computer recycling business. It encourages trust and a sense of fairness to your company’s clients. Once you have proven the advantages to the bottom line, no doubt you will get your wish for a computer recycling program at work.

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