How to Avoid Being Self-Conscious at a Massage

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Self-confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with. It’s important that you overcome being self-conscious about yourself because it’s vital that you realize you’re beautiful. No one should ever make you feel differently, including your own self. If you are feeling self-conscious during a massage, there are ways to combat that. Here are five ways to feel less self-conscious during a massage.

1) Acknowledge and Accept That Feeling of Insecurity

Don’t shame yourself for feeling that way. Everyone, at some point in their lives, feels insecure about something. So always remember that you aren’t alone in that aspect. Have an understanding that this feeling is coming from a place of old and imprecise stories from the past. Find it within yourself to create a new story that doesn’t make you feel so little towards yourself.

2) Not Everyone Is as Concerned about You as You Are

Whenever we feel most self-conscious we have this feeling that everyone is looking at us and is judging us in some way. But they are NOT! It’s all in your head. We are truly the only ones that are obsessed with ourselves and our little imperfections. Everyone else is concerned about their own selves so they’re too busy to even notice the feature of yours that you believe isn’t good enough.

You have to remember that you are beautiful and that you are your own worst critic. When you start to realize that people aren’t secretly judging you and that it is all in your head, that awful feeling of self-consciousness goes away.

3) Take Chances

You’re feeling self-conscious anyway, so why not do something you wouldn’t normally do? What do you have to lose? So just go ahead and get the massage done. You will be so relaxed you probably won’t even realize that there’s only a towel between you and the massage therapist.

4) Change Your Focus and Attention to Other People

The most effective way to rid yourself of that feeling of self-consciousness is to just not listen to the negative thoughts that you think about yourself. Instead, reverse the focus on yourself and point it towards others in a loving way.

5) Just Have Fun with It

If it’s awful you don’t have to go again. And it’s not like you’re likely to see any of these people ever again in your life. So just tell yourself, what have I got to lose? Get out of your head and let yourself relax – because after all, that’s what a massage is all about.

An important life lesson to learn is that no one is as critical of you as you are to yourself. Be confident in yourself and remember that you have to ignore those negative thoughts about yourself that may like to invade your mind. You are beautiful and if you remain confident about yourself, other people will notice and you’ll soon realize that the dreadful feeling of being self-conscious is gone. If you practice these steps, you’ll find yourself being a lot happier and a lot less stressed.

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