Credit Card Debt Services – Are They Right For You

Debt Management

There are many credit card debt services available, most of which are designed to help you cope with your credit card debts and get them back under your control. Depending on your level of debt, you should check what kind of credit card debt services you require before you sign on for any program.

You should also be aware of the services you’ll be getting and how much you can expect to be charged for those services. Be sure that you’re applying for the right credit card debt services for your individual situation.

Credit Counseling Services

Financial credit counseling is perhaps the simplest form of credit card debt services. Certified counselors are trained to take a look at your financial situation and then help you to find ways to adjust your current budget. They’ll also work with you as you learn how to take control of your financial obligations in a responsible manner.

In many cases, credit counseling could be the perfect solution for many people, because you’re not just learning how to reduce your debt properly and effectively, but you’re also learning valuable financial literacy that can help you avoid getting into the same financial mess again in the future.

Debt Consolidation Services

Many debt consolidation companies offer credit card debt services in the form of consolidation loans. Their aim is to refinance your current credit card balances and roll them into a consolidation loan that is often charged at lower interest rates. Your old repayments stop and you only have one easy repayment to think about each month that is often much lower than your old payments.

While it appears that all your credit cards have been paid out and your payments have been reduced, it’s important to look at your overall level of debt. Many people who apply for debt consolidation loans through credit card debt services find that they owe more than they did after the loan is established.

This is usually because some of your old creditors may have added penalty interest or overdue fees to your balances, but it may also be because the company you’re working with may have also added their fees to your debt balance. While you might feel as though you’re paying less each month, you may have actually increased the amount you owe. Always check how the company you’re working with will be paid.

Debt Negotiation Services

Credit card debt services exist for those clients who haven’t made any payments on their credit cards for several months. If this sounds like you, then you might consider applying for a debt negotiation program.

Companies offering debt negotiation, or debt settlement, work with you to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf in an attempt to get the lender to settle for a smaller amount of money as payment in full for your outstanding credit card debt balances. This works best on unsecured debts like credit cards and you should be able to show the company that you haven’t made repayments for at least a couple of months.

In many cases, credit card debt services using negotiation as a tool to reduce your debt can often get your creditors to agree to accept 40-50% of the original debt amount. This can be a significant debt reduction for many people.

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