Part of Your Carpentry Career Requires Apprenticeship

Career in Carpentry

Getting a certificate of completion from a vocation, technical or community college is just one of the things you need to start your carpentry career. Since you don’t have any experience, you need to work first as an apprentice.

An apprentice is very similar to an on the job training program since you were under the tutelage of an expert. Instead of working, most of your time will involve studying how this person does it before you are given the chance to prove what you have learned. When that day comes, you are no longer an apprentice but recognized as a fellow carpenter.

In the past, a master craftsman is the one who seeks you out and offers you the opportunity to become his apprentice. These days, go to a school that teaches carpentry and earn a certificate so you qualify to work in certain jobs.

The nice thing about being an apprentice is that you get paid for your services. The rate is usually half of what a journeyman earns per day and this is clearly stated in the union contract. In the event that you are laid off, you don’t lose your membership in the union which enables you to find work elsewhere and continue through the program.

Apprenticeship in carpentry usually starts out with you building concrete forms, cutting sheets of drywall and performing other tasks. One you gain experience, you will be able to move up and be assigned to do other tasks.

Your skills will surely develop when you get to complete the 8,000 hours of work experience which is required in order for you to earn the title of journeyman carpenter. From there, you can get into more specialized work and become a master carpenter, cabinet maker, trim carpenter or finish carpenter. The other option will be to supervise and instruct other carpenter apprentices and laborers in a job site.

To do well as an apprentice, it is not enough to work well with your hands. You have to be good in math so you can apply these basic concepts in reading drawings and applying this in the field of construction as well as maintenance.

You should also know the various characteristics and properties of wood, be aware of the different tasks and duties of a carpenter and know the general concepts of the National Building Code. Once you master all that, it will be easy for you to apply everything you have learned in a job site.

Carpentry is a career not only men which means women can join in as well. Those who decide to pursue it are also required to undergo the apprenticeship program with support from everyone involved.

If you want to know more information about the carpentry apprentice program, check it out with your local school or talk to someone who works as a building contractor.

Every carpenter has to start as an apprentice so they pursue a carpentry career. The pay may suck at first but at least you get the chance to feel what it is like when you are working with other people. So, while you are there, make the most of it because after the on the job training period, you can call yourself as a full fledged carpenter.

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