How To Achieve White Blonde Hair – Tips And Hints

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A lot of people like the platinum, or white blond, hair color and would like to know how to achieve white blonde hair. This can be an attractive look on many people and with advances in hair dying processes it can be done without causing as much damage to your hair as it used to.

That’s not to say, however, that it won’t cause damage. Whenever you dye your hair you will damage the hair strands, it’s unavoidable, the best you can hope for is to mitigate the damage done by going to a professional and only using a top quality product. After you’ve gotten your color it’s also a good idea to trim the ends of your hair to remove as much of the damage as possible.

If a trip to the stylist is not in your budget, you can do it yourself at home (or better yet, get a friend to do it for you). This color does work best on anyone who is already light blond, or if you’re not, you can bleach your hair to remove the color then build it back up with platinum hair dye.

Here are some easy to follow steps to get the hair color of your dreams:

1) With rubber gloves on, mix the hair dye solution thoroughly. Make sure you get a smooth consistency.

2) It’s generally recommended that you start at the back of your head but that can get tough on your body. Just decide where you are going to start and comb the hair so it is tangle free. Pin up the sections of hair that you aren’t going to be working on right away.

3) Brush the dye into the hair from root to tip. Keep the coverage nice and even. Use the end of the applicator to separate sections of hair. Keep applying dye until you have even coverage all over your head (you may need to mix more dye, it’s usually not a bad idea to buy more than one. If you don’t need the second one and it’s unopened you can return it).

4) Loosely pile hair up and cover with the enclosed plastic cap and secure it in the front and set a timer.

5) Remove gloves and hair cover, rinse and shampoo hair.

6) In many cases you will be left with yellowish hair after the first dye, which is not what you were looking for. If this happens you will need to repeat the dye process for any sections (usually closer to the bottom of your hair) that are not a desirable color. This is extremely hard on your hair and if it can be avoided, like you are just being too critical, it should be.

Figuring out how to achieve white, blond hair is not that hard, you can either dye it yourself (this shouldn’t be your first choice) or go to a professional and have it done by them. No matter which method you choose don’t forget that this hair color may be attractive but it is also hard on your hair.

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