Finding an Affordable Senior Housing


The US Government has a section 202 program implemented by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which aims to increase affordable senior housing to individuals aged 65 and above with very low income. If you or a loved one is looking for a retirement home that will fit a tight budget, section 202 housing is your best affordable senior housing option.

Section 202 housing is run by a private, non-profit organization. They get their funds from the HUD and from residents’ fees, which are calculated based on individual income. Aside from affordable senior housing, these facilities offer support services to senior such as housekeeping, transportation, preparing meals, and others.

The website of the Department of Housing and Urban Development has a listing of all section 202 housing facilities across the United States. Simply check the web site to find a home in your area or in the area where you want to reside. When you have your list ready, you can start calling each home or apartment to verify if they are still part of the Section 202 program and if they have a vacancy.

If the answer is yes, your next step is to visit the facility to see if it will suit you. While these homes are not luxurious, one can expect them to have all the basic accommodation, amenities and services to keep seniors comfortable and safe. It is important to take note of the fact that Section 202 housing is very popular and vacancies are hard to come by with the huge demand for affordable senior housing so it is not very wise to be choosy. If you find a vacancy, it is best to grab that rare opportunity because someone else will surely take it.

The truth is, you may have to contact several facilities before you can a vacancy so be prepared to do a lot of calling or visits. In this regard, it is recommended to have a relative or a friend to assist you in your search. Additionally, make sure to have your name added to the waiting list of all facilities without vacancies.

Once you have found a place, you may need to provide the following: a filled out application form from the Section 202 home/apartment; proof of your income such as a payslip or Social Security statement; pharmacy or medical bills, your doctor’s statement indicating that you are independent; and references of previous landlords. You will need to prepare multiple copies of these documents if you are applying to several facilities.

If you want to learn more about affordable senior housing through the Section 202 program, you may speak with an HUD representative. There are many section 202 housing options in both large and small cities. Start your search as early as possible. Do not wait for your savings to run out. Be patient in your search and you will eventually find an affordable home.

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