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The profession of chartered accountancy is one the most secured, lucrative and never ending professions. The positive improvement in the worldwide globalization has brought a revolution in almost every industry and therefore, each and every industry is competing to expanding their quality and services. Many local and international companies dealing with various brands and products are starting up rapidly but there is one thing common in all of them i.e. necessity of a chartered accountant.

Better performance is always backed by better management and techniques. A chartered accountant basically maintains the basic measures of the company’s performance i.e. capital. Chartered accountancy is basically related to three major tasks including accounting, auditing and taxation. Chartered accountants are styled as complete business solution providers and are available to ensure regulatory requirements, capital structure and planning, mobilizing financial resources and installing internal accounting and budgetary controls.

Any sector, whether joint venture, foreign collaboration, merger, BPO, or any other thing, will definitely require a chartered accountant to maintain their annual capital structure and balance sheet.

There is no need to go abroad to find a better institute for accountancy course when you have it in your own country. India has quite a few good accounting institutions offering various professional courses related to accountancy. The Jagannath International Management School and International College of Financial Planning offer a PG Diploma course in Financial Management, while many accounting certificate courses can be availed from ICA- Certified Industrial Accountant. The VAG Info-tech Pvt. Ltd. offers a course in Accounts and Taxation. Apart from these institutes, St. Xavier’s College, Goenka College, and the Bangalore Management Academy are also a good choice.

Although, all these institutes are known for their quality services and education, the best among them and the worldwide recognized institute for professional accountancy course is the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The accounting institutes in India are involved into a sharp competition of providing best course structure and to attract a great number of students. Candidates need to be self-motivated while selecting a chartered accountancy course and should be careful about all the aspects while choosing the right school.

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