Safety Tips When Trimming Trees In Your Yard

Tree Care

If you have large trees in your yard then you have probably considered trimming them. Many people like to trim their trees and keep them pruned back so that they have a beautiful shape and they make your yard look nice. This can be dangerous if you do not take a few safety precautions when you begin this chore.

1) Never trim trees that are close to power lines. If the trees are becoming a problem and growing into the power lines then you may need to call the power company. They will most likely send out a professional to trim the tree for you.

2) Always use a ladder and a safety cable when you are trimming trees that are very tall. This will help keep you safe from falling while you are up high.

3) Never trim trees when you are home alone. You always want to make sure that someone is nearby in case of an emergency. You should always have a spotter to help you while you are working on the tree. This will ensure that you have someone on hand if you need help or in case of an emergence.

4) Always wear gloves that you are trimming trees. This will help decrease the likelihood of touching anything poisonous with your bare skin or cutting your hand with the bark. You never know where poison and may be growing.

5) Make certain that you are wearing safety goggles while you are trimming the trees. You do not want to take a chance of getting a branch in your eye. If you do not have safety goggles you should purchase some before you begin.

If you follow these steps for edging trees in your yard you will be safe. Cutting your trees in your yard is very dangerous and if you feel unsafe about doing it yourself, you need to call a professional for help.

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