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    Solar Power Basics

    The Advantages of Solar Energy

    Solar energy has been around for a while, yet it is still not widely used in homes. The large start-up cost can be a setback to many people who would otherwise consider it. Despite this factor, solar energy can be a wise investment, and worth the initial costs and labor. Here are some of the […]

    Solar Power for Homes

    Solar Lighting for Indoor Use

    When it comes to lighting your home, you have so many options available to you. And with so many options, it can be easy to overlook the obvious – the beautiful, natural light of the sun. Why Use Solar? Energy costs – Using solar lighting rather than electric powered lights can save you tons of […]

    Is Solar Power The Immediate Answer To Our Energy Woes?

    We are looking for an across-the-board solution for our present exorbitant consumption of gasoline and it seems as though there is none, at least for the present. We are looking at Ethanol additive to our present gasoline formulas, but this will only give us better miles per gallon and of course, much cleaner bi-products with […]