Controlling Termites

Termite Control

Many homeowners have a very small unsuspecting enemy, the termite. Termites thrive on wood and most wood products which leaves most spaces in your home up for grabs for these insects to feast on. These small insects cause damage to billions of new and old homes every year and can cause costly damage that many home insurance policies do not cover. It is important to make sure your home is professionally inspected and maintained before they infest your home and the damage becomes too costly or out of hand. Keep in mind that one termite colony can add up to thousands, sometimes millions depending on many key factors inside your home and depending on the size of the colony, the greater the damage.

Once a year pest control

Many homeowners do not like to continually spray insect-repelling surface sprays inside their home or wait for the bug man every month. Once a year pest control can be a very safe, effective, and timely way to control pests. Exterminators will come by once a year on the scheduled date and conduct a thorough investigation of your home, making sure to check all places suspected of termite infestations. If there happen to be any issues before your scheduled pest control date, certain businesses will come out free of charge to take care of the problem.

Moisture control

Moisture control is one sure effective way that exterminators face termites. Since warm and damp places are a perfect environment for their breeding, professionals will inspect your home and decide if there is a need to install vapor barriers and temperature-controlled vents so that the atmosphere is unbearable for termites to colonize and thrive in, leaving you virtually termite free!

Save on Energy

Exterminators specialized in ridding your home of these insects can save you a lot of costly energy bills. Since termites can feast on any wood or wood-based materials, they can eat straight through your walls and/or roof which can cause holes or cracks where your air conditioning may seep through, causing you to spend extra money on your energy bill.

Your home is one of your biggest investments so make sure the professionals you choose to work with are licensed and use top quality pest control methods. The longer the experience, the better the guarantee you have for them to get the job done. Don’t settle for mediocre pest control.

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