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    Debt Consolidation Tips

    10 Steps To Successful Debt Consolidation

    If you are having trouble balancing your income and expenditure because of large debts then read on and discover your options in credit card debt consolidation. Debt consolidation can be an excellent option when you find your finances getting out of control but before you go out and sign up for a debt consolidation loan […]


    The Basics of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    When a company chooses to declare bankruptcy in order to receive protection from the Federal Government, it can choose to file the declaration under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy code which means all of its assets will be dissolved and distributed amongst the creditors. Although most companies prefer to file this type of bankruptcy, there […]

    Is it Possible to Get Credit After Bankruptcy?

    People who experience bankruptcy for the first time often wonder if there is such a thing as credit after bankruptcy. This is because many people who have declared bankruptcy are afraid that creditors would no longer have any confidence in them. However, we all know what bankruptcy is all about. It is not just about […]