Treating Dry, Cracked Elbows and Heels Naturally

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Dry and cracking elbows and heels are a common ailment, especially when you live in a dry climate. These parts of our bodies take a lot of wear and tear, and the damage shows. Fortunately, there are many ways you can treat your elbows and heels without spending a lot of money and time. Here are a few ideas to get you started to smooth skin, even on these often neglected body parts.

Figure Out Your Bad Habits

There is a reason that your elbows and heels may be suffering. Certain things we do can contribute to stripping the skin on these areas of their health. For example, leaning on your elbows for hours at a time when sitting at a desk can damage the tissue. Prolonged standing can damage the skin on your heels. You may not be able to completely eliminate the source of unhealthy elbow and heel skin, but try to minimize the situation if at all possible.

Homemade Scrubs

A great way to reintroduce moisture to these often neglected parts is through the use of body scrubs. It is unnecessary to buy expensive formulations, and they are often full of chemicals anyhow. Combine a variety of substances on your own such as sugar, salt, olive oil, and essential oils to create your own unique blend that will soften the driest of elbows and heels.

Natural Oils

There are several oils that are full of skin-softening nutrients that can be applied to your skin. Try one of the varieties such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, hemp oil and argan oil for a variety of benefits. These natural oils will lubricate your skin and leave you with exceptionally soft skin, even on normally rough body parts.

Rub a Banana Peel on It

This may be unconventional and sound a little odd, but it is a natural way to save the more neglected of your body parts. Bananas contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, and this in combination with their antibiotic and antifungal properties can be helpful in healing dry skin. Rub the banana peel on your elbows and heels in a circular motion for relief of cracked, dry skin.

Moisturizing From the Inside Out

When your skin is extremely dry, there is often more going on inside your body that needs to be taken care of. With the trend of low-fat diets that have swept the nation, many people are not taking in enough high-quality oils and fats. Be sure to consume plenty of healthy fats, such as those from nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, and fish such as salmon. Healthy fat does not make you fat, and in fact, will help everybody system function more optimally.

Our heels and elbows often contain the driest skin on our entire bodies. There is no need for this skin to suffer, however, as there are many natural remedies that can improve the skin’s elasticity and lubrication. Try some of these natural remedies for soft, smooth heels and elbows.

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